Please contact          Mrs. Christine Hill.               01642 458391          or

                                   Mrs Dorothy Evans.             01642 478018


At St Cuthberts Church Wilton, we welcome enquiries about Baptisms. We normally celebrate Baptisms on Sunday at 12.30pm or during the usual Sunday Service by arrangement (we don't have Baptisms on the second Sunday of the month). As a general rule we can only arrange one Baptism in each month and we would try our best to accommodate your preferred date.

In order to meet us prior to the Baptism you are requested to come to one of our Family Services which are held on the second Sunday of each month at 11.00am in order to complete a simple application form.

We can also be contacted via Messenger on our Facebook page 'St Cuthbert Church Wilton'. There is some useful information about Baptisms on the following Church of England website -

@2017 St. Cuthbert Wilton.