Please contact          Mrs. Christine Hill.               01642 458391          or

                                  Mr. O E (Ed) Evans.           01642 478018


Couples may request to be married in the Parish Church

  • of their parish of residence

  • where they have habitually worshipped

  • have a qualifying connection


    Habitually Worshipped

    Have attended a Sunday service over a period of time and preferably be entered on the church Electoral Roll.


    Qualifying Connection

       For more information, please contact either of the above.



Most Church of England marriages require Banns to be published. Although a legal requirement, banns can be a special occasion too.

An application for the publication of banns must be made at our church, and at the Parish church where you live. A certificate of publication must be obtained from the residential Parish Church and given to our church prior to the wedding.

We wish to support and encourage marriage, and we will do our best to provide the appropriate advice and a welcoming ministry, for couples who wish to be married in our Church.


There is some useful information about marriages on the following Church of England website -

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